About our Partners

The partners of the Essex Children's Advocacy Center annually endorse a Memorandum of Understanding. The Essex District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners program are the Essex CAC's primary partners.

Steering Committee

  • Andrea Fogarty
    Haverhill Police Department
  • Christopher Avdoian
    Haverhill DCF
  • Kristine Aznavoorian
    Pedi Sane Nurse, DPH
  • Lt. Marie Hanlon
    Domestic Violence Unit, Lynn Police Department
  • John Doyle
    Area Director, Lynn DCF
  • Katherine Dudich
    Associate Director, PediSANE
  • Dawn Gigante-Masterson
    Victim Witness Program, Essex District Attorney's Office
  • Pamela Gray
    Area Director, Cape Ann, DCF
  • Kate MacDougall
    Family Crimes Unit, Essex District Attorney's Office
  • Laurie McNeil
    Area Director, Lawrence DCF
  • Dr. Robert Nelken
    Andover Pediatrics
  • Det.Penny Portalla
    Haverhill Police Department
  • Deborah Perry
    SANE Program, Lawrence General Hospital
  • Raymond Pillidge
    Northeast Regional DCF
  • Amy Snow
    Victim Witness Program, Essex District Attorney's Office
  • Sue Staples
    YWCA, Lawrence
  • Maureen Wilson Leal
    Deputy Chief Victim Witness Services
  • Melissa Woodard
    ADA/Deputy Family Crimes and Sexual Assault Unit
  • Pat Snyder-Mathews
    Essex Children's Advocacy Center



Essex CAC strives to reduce the impact of trauma on victims and families, while increasing access to child and family advocates, medical evaluation and treatment, mental health referral and the criminal justice system.


The Essex CAC is a public-private partnership agency that works closely with key partners who have signed memorandums of understanding.  


The Essex CAC provides the following services: Multidisciplinary Team Investigation, Specialized Medical Evaluations and Consultation and referral for Trauma Informed Mental Health intervention.


What is Child Abuse and what can I do? Information for parents and professionals. Important links to relevant resources.

News & Events

The Essex CAC hosts and participates in events that further their goals to provide quality care and services to the community. Check back frequently to see what we are up to.


The Essex CAC services are offered by appointment only. For information please call the Essex CAC at 978-745-6610 Ext. 5173. For medical appointments and questions please call the PediSANE Nurse at 978-984-7535.

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